Unsolicited Testimonials

“The end results are so much more than we ever could have known to ask you for.  Your empathy for our occasionally divergent points of view, and for our overall shared functional and aesthetic desires, have turned a dream and a meadow by the sea, into a home for us for the rest of our lives, and very special place for our family, hopefully for generations to come.” —Home Owner
“I instantly fell in love with this unassuming little cottage.  It has a simple elegance and charm to it that is much harder to accomplish than you might think.…It has an effortless sense of place and a timeless character that will endear itself to its inhabitants for a long time…”  —Sarah Susanka, founder of the Not So Big House movement, selecting the Compact Cottage as her personal favorite from over 200 entries for Fine Home Building’s House of the Year Award.
“The best thing about the design: there are an amazing number of places where you can sit down and be delighted. And not just the hot tub!” —Home Owner
"Twice we’ve had two families visit us, and the house has been great at absorbing such large numbers of people.  The three distinct areas (upstairs, downstairs, garage studio), give each family a great sense of privacy and comfort. One thing I didn’t anticipate: the boat has become the new bottleneck in terms of handling numbers of people – can you do anything about that?" —Home Owner
"I wanted to thank you for not only designing the house of our dreams but also for putting us on the right course for our future.  We had been looking at other properties in the area for a year round house.  But now with your design we know we can have everything we could ever want right at the lake.” —Home Owner
“We had a good week on site and feel real good about what we are doing. Thank you for  taking the time to help us with all these small details. I really enjoy working with you because you care about the end result and you also follow through so well and you know what it takes to do it in the field." —Builder
"You have created an absolutely remarkable space for us to call home.  It is by far the nicest place that we have ever lived. No single design feature – the kitchen, the entranceway, the timbers, the fireplace – makes it magical, it is the synergy of all of it coming together." —Home Owner